Mary Webb

Brown, red, green & blue, 1996
Screenprint on paper
71 x 64 x 3.5 cm
28 x 25 1/4 x 1 3/8 in
Artwork is sold framed
Edition of 32
$ 2,200.00 + VAT/tax
Brown, red, green & blue (1996) – a screen print by English artist, Mary Webb – is exemplary of her ongoing exploration into colour and geometry. Webb states ‘I want the colour to set up a process of renewal where relationships change with the looking. First assumptions are confounded the longer the (work) is contemplated and this is how I like to think of them, as objects for contemplation’ (2011). The artist strives to match the colours faithfully from her personal experience in both her paintings and prints. Meticulously planned, each piece balances subtle interplays of colour with compositions that avoid one focal point, through her exploration of diagonal compositions. The blocks of colour in relation to form creates a serene quality to the work, inviting the viewer to enter a contemplative and uplifted state.

Slight variations may occur in artworks printed by hand.