Sebastiaan Bremer

Little Silver Breakfast, 2008
Silver leaf on vintage Yamato paper
62.2 x 91.4 cm
24 1/2 x 36 in
Artwork is sold unframed
Edition of 28
$ 2,500.00 + VAT/tax

Throughout his career, Sebastiaan Bremer has in one way or another used pre-existing images to explore profound ideas about time, memory and processing. Over the years, this process of ‘re-thinking’ visual documents from the past has led Bremer to experiment with different techniques and materials that alter the image’s material existence, adding new dimensions and shifting the viewer’s perception. Little Silver Breakfast (2008) is shrouded in a web of distinctive dots, which Bremer has become synonymous. Bremer describes this type of mark-making as biological pathways mimicking neuron connectors. Little Silver Breakfast depicts a domestic scene, reminiscent of a Dutch still life. The work creates connections between all living things; patterns reference subconscious thinking and emotion and remain a constant that draw the viewer in. These patterns lend an intimacy to viewing the work, as one has to get physically close, in order to explore the undulating patterns that swirl across the surface. Yet to see the image underneath - to grasp it fully - the viewer has to take a step back in order to take it all in.

Slight variations may occur in artworks printed by hand.