Andrea Geyer

Impeach, 2003/2020
Archival inkjet print
58.4 x 88.9 cm
23 x 35 in
Artwork is sold unframed
Edition of 10
$ 4,500.00 + VAT/tax

Impeach (2003) is a photograph from Geyer’s extensive project, Parallax which investigated the notion of “citizenship and “national belonging” between the years 2001 and 2003. Parallax exists as a fifty-minute silent slide show as well as a set of printed photographs. In the project, Geyer turns photography into a documentary narrative which serves as a chilling commentary on the corrosion of democracy in the US after 9/11. Set within the political and social climate of large US cities, some photographs are staged but some show the periphery of mass demonstrations against the deportment of American politics, against the US invasion of Iraq, but also demonstrations against domestic restrictions accompanying foreign policy aggression, such as changes in immigration laws and the surreptitious redefinition of the rights of citizens.

Slight variations may occur in artwork.