Virginia Jaramillo


Text by Matthew Jeffrey Abrams


34 pages

215 x 180 mm

Published by Hales Gallery


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In Foundations, Jaramillo breaks away from the smooth and pristine surfaces of her 1970s Japanese lacquerware-inspired curvilinear paintings by utilizing diverse brushstroke techniques to build rich, varied textural surfaces which distinguish fractured and fragmented forms. In the 1980s body of work by the same title, Jaramillo drew from her ongoing investigations into ancient civilizations—namely, their architecture and belief systems—to produce large handmade paper works from linen fibers and hand ground earth pigments bearing complex geometric compositions. For this next iteration, Jaramillo focuses in on the intricacies of the structures left behind by these ancient cultures: an in-depth study into the physical and spiritual life of ruin. The works on view take their reference points from contemporary sites of ancient ruin, primarily in, but not limited to, the Middle East and Mexico. This softcover book was published by Hales gallery in 2018 and the featured text is written by Matthew Jeffry Abrams.