Virginia Jaramillo


Text by Gabrielle Schwarz 


215 x 180 mm 

Published by Hales Gallery


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Across her rich and varied practice, Jaramillo has continually explored abstraction, rigorously experimenting with material and process to, in Jaramillo’s words, translate ‘the structure of our physical, spiritual and mental worlds’ through space and geometry in art. After relocating to New York from California in 1967 following the civil rights protests, Jaramillo’s painting evolved in response to her new environment. Immersed in the New York arts community, working alongside figures such as Melvin Edwards, Frank Bowling and Sam Gilliam, Jaramillo embarked on her ‘curvilinear’ paintings: intensely vivid fields of colour disrupted by precisely painted lines in contrasting shades that curve, divide and intersect. Originally debuted in the seminal 1971 DeLuxe Show in Houston, Texas (supported by the Menil Foundation), and in the 1972 Whitney Annual, Jaramillo’s curvilinear paintings were received with critical acclaim and recognition of their significance. This softcover book was published by Hales gallery in 2017 and the featured text is written by Gabrielle Schwarz.