Carolee Schneemann

More Wrong Things

Text by Alison Green


215 x 180 mm 

Published by Hales Gallery 


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More Wrong Things accompanied a 2017 exhibition of the same name at Hales London, which brought together works by Schneemann that activate the ‘revelatory’ images which emerge from sites of conflict and tragic events. Through video installation, photography and painting, Schneemann explores the invasion and devastation of Lebanon in the 1980s, the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11, and a range of other personal and public disasters. What unites each of these works is not just the visual motive – representations of the atrocities of war – but also the deeply personal, even intimate, nature of Schneemann’s eulogies and laments. Whilst global suffering often seems remote or incomprehensible, Schneemann’s work reveals the shared and personal dimensions of grief, embracing our collective humanity. This softcover book was published by Hales gallery in 2017 and the featured text is written by Dr Alison Green.