Andrew Bick


Text by Stefanie Hessler and David Thorp


275 x 210 mm

Published by Hales Gallery, von Bartha


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This monograph of artist, Andrew Bick presents works which are executed from a combination of oil paint, marker pen, wax, acrylic paint and Perspex. The works play with elements of flat colour, depth and surface, revealing the process of painting as a series of strategies or components within the visual puzzle of the whole. Bick's paintings call into question false opposites and contrast hard geometric or blunt graphic forms with uncertain or dashed-out strokes or patches of scrubbed brushwork. Within the abstract geometry of his works, he combines matte and glossy surfaces, different textures, colour and 'non-colour'. His work has been described as 'gently disruptive and purposefully chaotic'.


In Bick’s view, new versions of the abstract, concrete and constructive, necessitate the repetition of banal information, leading to an unexpected conjuncture of word and image. His work is based on the belief that disruption within a system helps us relearn the process of paying attention. Mediated layering of geometry and gesture act as an antidote to a world of instantaneous information. It is evident that the paintings are made laboriously, testing how far he can take the medium. 


Published in 2013 by Hales London and von Bartha, Basel, the book features text by Stephanie Hessler as well as studio conversations between Andrew Bick and David Thorp during 2012-2013.