Sebastiaan Bremer


Text by Jordan Kantor, Sabine Russ


315 x 250 mm

112 pages

Published by Roebling Hall, 99 Uitgevers/Publishers


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Avila presents works by Sebastiaan Bremer, made between 1999 and 2006, with accompanying text by Jordan Kantor and Sabine Russ.  Throughout his career, Bremer has in one way or another used pre-existing images to explore profound ideas about time, memory and processing. In his early work, he meticulously reproduced personal snap-shots in painting. Over the years, this process of ‘re-thinking’ visual documents from the past has led Bremer to experiment with different techniques and materials that alter the image’s material existence, adding new dimensions and shifting the viewer’s perception. In 2000, Sebastiaan Bremer began to draw directly onto the surface of personal photographs, covering the images with intricate patterns of dots. Although the work has undoubtedly developed over the years, Bremer notes that ‘the mark making which I found as my mode of expression is truly mine. It is my way of putting myself with a mark into the picture, changing it, making my point of view visible inside the photographed reality.’ It is the transformative veil of the artist’s signature white dots that emotively and visually trace memories throughout his body of work.