Andrea Geyer | The New School Centennial Commission

November 8, 2019

Hales is delighted to announce Andrea Geyer's opening reception for Anemoi, The New School Centennial Commission. Please join the artist and individuals depicted in Anemoi to celebrate the work on Tuesday, November 19 2019 at the The New School.


Anemoi is the 14th permanent site-specific work commissioned by The New School Art Collection. The work, a modular, multi-sited installation with a website component, celebrates individuals who self-identify today, or at some point in their lives identified or were identified as women or female, and who have dedicated themselves to create and maintain community at The New School. Specifically, Anemoi recognizes those who in one-on-one meetings, in offices, in hallways, in groups, and in classrooms have steadfastly fostered a generous environment of care and respect. It pays tribute to the ways in which their labor in uniting students, faculty, and staff has given rise to new ways of thinking and learning not yet imagined by the educational mission of the institution.


The project takes the name Anemoi from the wind gods of ancient Greek mythology. A steady, untamable force, wind brings air and life with it. Coming from and leading to all cardinal directions, Anemoi points to the vast expansiveness of The New School’s community and materialises the potent connections and histories these individuals promote—connections that can be fleeting in the fast pace of the university’s academic cycles yet are at the core of the institution at large.



Andrea Geyer  

Anemoi, The New School Centennial Commission    

The New School

66 West 12th Street

New York NY 10011


19 November 2019, 5 - 7pm