Andrea Geyer | Book Launch | The Kitchen, New York

November 12, 2019

Hales is pleased to announce a book launch for Andrea Geyer: Dance in Future with All Present, taking place on Monday, November 18, 2019 at The Kitchen, New York. Please join the artist, editors and authors to celebrate the book. 


Andrea Geyer: Dance in a Future with All Present is edited by Alhena Katsof, Karen Kelly, and Barbara Schroeder, and published by Dancing Foxes Press and Portland Institute of Contemporary Art. 


This launch puts forward the most substantive monograph yet published on the work of German-born, New York–based multimedia artist Andrea Geyer. Dance in a Future with All Present focuses on Geyer’s recent explorations of the marginalized yet pivotal role that women have played in the formulation of American modernism, tracing and honoring the ephemeral acts, initiatives, and stories that shaped it. This event includes a performative reading by contributors and a group of dancers.


The book shares many of the rich details that Geyer’s work has generated, while maintaining a commitment to concept, poetry, and form, much as her artworks do. The horizontality of texts in the book makes space for different formats, lengths, and approaches to writing. The accumulation of a multitude of voices—each offering of differentiated repetition—alongside this unique selection of images, creates a sense of emphasis and, after Gertrude Stein, dare we say, insistence.



Andrea Geyer  

Book Launch: Dance in a Future with All Present   

The Kitchen
512 West 19th Street
NY 10011, New York, USA


18 November 2019, 7 - 9pm


For more information please click here.