Hew Locke | The Blind Spot : Bremen and Art in the Colonial Era

August 1, 2017

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce the inclusion of Hew Locke's 'Cui Bono' as part of the exhibition The Blind Spot: Bremen and Art in the Colonial Era, at the Bremen Town Hall.

The exhibition uncovers the colonial blind spots in the history and collection of the Kunsthalle Bremen and particularly sheds light on the representation and treatment of the “Other” in early modern art. These European perspectivesare set in dialogue with works by modern and contemporary artists from the African and Asian continent. 


'Cui Bono', 2017 (Latin for 'who benefits?') is a new comission for Bremen town Hall; in which Hew Locke continues his engagement with topics of identity, colonialism, globalisation and the visual expressions of power. Inspired by Heinrich Vogeler's design of the Güldenkammer (Golden Chamber) and the historical ship models that have been floating from the ceiling of the Upper Town Hall since the sixteenth century, Locke created an abundantly decorated, nearly four-metre long ship that replaces one of the historical ship models for the duration of the exhibition.




Hew Locke

The Blind Spot: Bremen and Art in the Colonial Era

Bremen Town Hall

Am Markt 21

28195 Bremen



5 August - 19 November 2017


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