Stuart Brisley | WRITING ON THE WALL IS | This Way Out of England. Gallery House in Retrospect | Raven Row

January 21, 2017

Hales is delighted to announce a new performance by Stuart Brisley as part of the upcoming exhibition at Raven Row, London, entitled This Way Out of England. Gallery House in Retrospect. Over seven weekends Raven Row celebrates Gallery House, one of London’s most influential and extraordinary contemporary art spaces in the 1970s. 


"Duration: 72 continuous hours.


One living body, therefore a continuous movement.


As slow as possible.


Homo Economicus.


Contractual dealings.


Aspiration: Action of drawing breath in the present interregnum.


Condition: Waiting. A closing in on nothingness.


Essence: Refusal to treat the world as an object.


As far as that can happen it will be a performance in the non-performative.


By the Curator of Ordure R Y Sirb.


At Raven Row in London, February 2017.


What goes down comes up."


 - Stuart Brisley, WRITING ON THE WALL IS, 2017





Stuart Brisley

This Way Out of England. Gallery House in Retrospect

Raven Row 

56 Artillery Ln

London, E1 7LS


Performance: 10 - 12 February 2017

Exhibition runs: February - March 2017


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