Basil Beattie | Towards Night | Towner Art Gallery

October 6, 2016

Hales Gallery is delighted to announce the inclusion of Basil Beattie's painting The Approaching Night in an exhibition at the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne. The exhibition opened on 24 September and runs until 22 January 2017.


The exhibition, entitled Towards Night, explore the nocturnal through paintings, prints and drawings by over sixty artists. Drawing on the nineteenth century European Romantic tradition, the show surveys contemporary and historical connections to wonderment and dystopia at dusk, twilight, night and dawn. It seeks to juxtapose key paintings and prints by Constable, Friedrich, Munch, Nolde, Palmer and Turner, some of the best known visionaries of the Romantic tradition with contemporary artists who work with the transformative aspects of nightfall to convey emotional responses of awe, anxiety and solitude, love and loss, revelry, insomnia, and journey’s end.


Tom Hammick, curator of the show said “This exhibition has grown way beyond its original conception, to become a magnificent survey of painting and printmaking from over two hundred years based around the central tenet of night. The exhibition is a kind of painterly response to the way figurative artists use their artistic heroes as starting points for their own work, both compositionally and emotionally.”



Basil Beattie 

Toward Night 

Towner Art Gallery 

Devonshire Park

College Rd

Eastbourne, BN21 4JJ


24 September 2016 - 22 January 2017 


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