Frank Bowling in "Affecting Presence and the Pursuit of Delicious Experiences" at the Menil Collection

July 17, 2015

Hales Gallery is pleased to announce Frank Bowling's inclusion in Affecting Presence and the Pursuit of Delicious Experiences at the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas.


The exhibition brings together a diverse selection of objects from the Menil’s holdings to explore the convergence of American anthropologist Robert Plant Armstrong’s object-empowering philosophy of “affecting presence” with the viewer’s individual pursuit of the delicious. The exhibition highlights abstraction as an artistic means used across time, place, and culture to make present the ineffable forces that shape human experiences. Within the relational contexts generated by the gallery space, it surveys the affecting potential of the unrecognisable and exercises the viewer’s desire or reticence to engage with these disparate approaches to abstraction.


The works on view range from antique sculptures to paintings and works on paper from the recent past that exemplify the reduction of form or the absence of representation. Works by Constantin Brancusi, Frank Bowling, Sam Gilliam, Eduardo Chillida, and other artists that made important contributions to abstract art during the twentieth century are presented alongside a variety of abstract forms from earlier eras, showcasing the rich history of this aesthetic practice. Affecting Presence is organized by the Menil Collection and curated by Curator of Collections Paul R. Davis.


Frank Bowling

Affecting Presence and the Pursuit of Delicious Experiences

17 July - 8 November 2015

The Menil Collection

1533 Sul Ross Street

Houston, Texas  77006



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