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Positions: Film Series

Bruce and Norman Yonemoto | Michael Smith | Peter Campus | Carolee Schneemann | Jeff Keen
7 July - 8 August 2015

Hales Gallery is delighted to present Positions, a series of week-long, single channel video art displays by internationally prominent contributors to the field. Focusing on seminal works by each of these artists, Positions will allow visitors to engage with some of the most influential voices working with video art since its inception. As well as represented artists Michael Smith and Carolee Schneemann, Hales Gallery is proud to be exhibiting works by Jeff Keen, Peter Campus, and Bruce and Norman Yonemoto for the first time.



Positions I  7-11 July 

Bruce and Norman Yonemoto (in collaboration with Mike Kelley) 
Kappa (1986)

26 min


Positions II  14-18 July 
Michael Smith and William Wegman 
The World of Photography (1986)

24:35 min


Positions III  21-25 July 
Peter Campus 
R-G-B (1974)

11:30 min


Positions IV  28 July - 1 August 
Carolee Schneemann 
Carl Ruggles Christmas Breakfast (1963)

9:04 min


Positions V  4-8 August 
Jeff Keen 
Mad Love (1978)

42:57 min 



Please note special extended gallery hours, open for Positions from Tuesday to Saturday, 11am - 6pm.